Personalized Service

At Cypress Private Wealth, we offer full-service financial help addressing all of your wealth management needs:

  • Organizing your financial life
  • Tax planning and strategies
  • Retirement planning and income strategies
  • Insurance planning
  • Customized investment management
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Alternative investments
  • College planning
  • Unlimited support

Our personalized service ensures you receive the high level of attention and service you need in your busy life.  You’ll hear from us often and we’re on call to help with any financial issues that arise in your life.  This helps you feel organized and confident.

As Investment Advisor Representatives with a registered investment advisory firm, we act as your legal fiduciary.  That means we put your interests first, always.

How It Works


When you become a Cypress Private Wealth client, we’ll begin walking you through our step by step process.  This process ensures close attention to all parts of your financial life.

We’ll utilize smart technology to help you learn more about your risk tolerance and find the best asset allocation for you.  Then, we’ll have several meetings and conversations with you, to get to know you, your goals, your preferences and your current financial status.  Throughout, we’re looking to identify weaknesses and blind spots so we can plan to address then.

Once we’ve discussed your goals, we’ll work closely with you to construct a financial plan to pursue them.  This plan will not sit on a shelf.  Instead it becomes a living “road map” to your future.  The plan will also be regularly stress tested to make sure it can help you withstand negative events.

After your plan is in place, we’ll start working through the action steps identified.  These usually include topics such as estate and tax planning.  These will always be done in conjunction with your accountant and other professionals, so we can optimize the effort on your behalf.

As you approve strategies, we’ll take responsibility for implementation.  That means coordinating with your other professionals and following up to make sure everything gets put in place as intended.

We’ll meet with you frequently and as much as you prefer.  Meetings can either be online, at your home or office or another location that is convenient for you.

The net result?  Our personalized service helps you to always move toward your goals.

Investments Driven By Your Financial Plan

Today’s markets require more diligence than ever. The increased presence of automated trading, as well as 24/7 access to news worldwide, has created a highly reactive market. This can make things very difficult for the average investor.

Many of today’s financial advisors have embraced “passive investing”, where your money is simply invested to match the market. This works well in rising bull markets. But with passive investing, people quickly forget that you’ll also match market losses.

That’s why at Cypress Private Wealth, we do more for you. We employ active management, primarily so we can provide some downside protection while still allowing you to generate market gains. That way, you’re not simply expected to “buy and hold” which can mean significant drawdowns at times.

Investment Management Direct

Outsourcing of investment management is another increasing trend among financial advisors. However, we don’t believe it’s beneficial to outsource your investments to someone you’ll never meet. That person doesn’t know you, much about you and your financial life, or your ability to tolerate risk or losses. Usually, all they know is your age and average income. While outsourcing is likely good for the financial advisory firm, we don’t believe it is in your best interests.

At Cypress Private Wealth, you’ll always deal directly with the Wealth Manager that is managing your investments. You can be as active a participant as you’d like in the investment strategy, and we’ll always keep you updated.

To give you an edge in both risk management and generating sustainable returns, we use both fundamental and technical analysis. We also regularly employ alternative investments such as private equity and structured products to help lower the volatility of your portfolio.

And most importantly, your investments are driven by your financial plan. This way we can ensure that your investments are being managed in a way that supports your long-term goals.

Your Financial Plan Guides Everything We Do

Your money is not an end in itself. Instead, your money is the fuel that can help you create the life of your dreams.

That’s why financial planning is central to everything we do at Cypress Private Wealth.

Once your financial plan is in place, it guides everything we do. As your life changes, or obstacles arise, we’ll revise the plan.

This keeps us all focused on the end result (your goals), while providing you a sense of organization and confidence about the future.

Retirement Planning

Retirement today looks quite different for most people than it did just a few decades ago. You might want to work less and travel more, or maybe you just want to transition to a new venture or consulting practice. Whatever you do, it will require careful planning to make sure your money can provide you the lifestyle you want to maintain.

At Cypress Private Wealth, we can provide the analysis and financial planning to help you fund your ideal future. We also have the resources, knowledge and insights required to help guide you through the transition to your retirement life.

Our retirement planning services focus on two aspects of the retirement phase:

  • Preparing for your retirement
  • Helping you live well in retirement

We will help you compare your estimated expenses with your existing expenses and plan your essential and emergency expenses accordingly to help prepare for the transition. We’ll also work with you to determine your best strategy for generating income, as well as for claiming social security.

With our full-service approach and white glove support, we’ll be there for you to help make sure you’re ready for whatever life brings your way.

Tax and Estate Planning

As a full-service provider, we’ll also spend significant time on both tax and estate planning. As your wealth grows, these strategies grow in importance.

Tax planning is an integral part of our process, since we always want to be identifying opportunities to save you taxes and earn more tax-efficient returns. We’ll work closely with your tax professional and also take responsibility for implementation of plans.

Estate planning can help protect your growing assets along with planning for the transfer of your wealth. We’ll work with you to evaluate options and strategies that meet your needs. Once you approve a strategy, we’ll work with your attorney to ensure smooth implementation.

Exceptional Personalized Experience

Cypress Private Wealth provides turnkey wealth management so you can relax and enjoy your life while feeling fully organized financially.

Unlike many other firms, you’ll deal directly with our professionals. Along with handling all of your financial and investment needs, we’re ready to help with your most complicated financial challenges as they arise.

Our team is experienced in many of the complex financial challenges that business owners, executives and professionals frequently encounter. Whether you’re selling a business, evaluating executive compensation plans, exercising stock options, or anything else, we’re here to help provide analysis of your options and an objective opinion.

As important, we pride ourselves on our exceptional personalized experience…so we’re here when you need us.

Advanced Planning

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Financial Planning for the Private Investor

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