Investment Management

Investments driven by Your Financial Plan

Today’s markets require more diligence than ever.  The increased presence of automated trading, as well as 24/7 access to news worldwide, has created a highly reactive market.  This can make things very difficult for the average investor.

Many of today’s financial advisors have embraced “passive investing”, where your money is simply invested to match the market.  This works well in rising markets (which we’ve experienced for the last 11 years).  But with passive investing, people forget that you’ll also match market losses.  If you think back to 2008, that’s probably not something you’d want to experience often.

That’s why at Cypress Private Wealth, we do more for you.  We employ active management, primarily so we can provide some downside protection while still allowing you to generate market gains.  That way, you’re not simply expected to “buy and hold” which can mean significant drawdowns at times.

Service Direct from Your Own Personal CFO

Outsourcing of investment management is another increasing trend among financial advisors.  However, we don’t believe it’s beneficial to outsource your investments to someone you’ll never meet.  That person doesn’t know you, much about you and your financial life, or your ability to tolerate risk or losses.  Usually all they know is your age and average income.  While outsourcing is likely good for the financial advisory firm, we don’t believe it is in your best interests.

At Cypress Private Wealth, you’ll always deal directly with the Wealth Manager that is managing your investments.  You can be as active a participant as you’d like in the investment strategy, and we’ll always keep you updated.

To give you an edge in both risk management and generating sustainable returns, we use both fundamental and technical analysis.  We also regularly employ alternative investments such as private equity and structured products to help lower the volatility of your portfolio.

And most importantly, your investments are driven by your financial plan.   This way we can ensure that your investments are being managed in a way that supports your long term goals.

To give you an edge in both risk management and generating sustainable returns, we use both fundamental and technical analysis.

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