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We Should Embrace This Bull Market – But Beware the Horns

Aug 31, 2019
Long periods of market growth are worth celebrating, but recession is inevitable – and increasingly overdue. A historic growth period […]

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Fever is Saturating the Market with Risk (and Opportunity)

Aug 27, 2019
Passively managed ETFs are exploding in investment and value. The market’s zeal for passive ETFs is creating undue risk. This […]

The Rise of the Machine Part II: The Role of Robo Advisory in Today’s Financial Landscape

Aug 27, 2019
A fundamental requirement of living in the information age is accepting the ever-increasing role of machines in daily life. Today, […]

The Rise of the Machine Part I: How Machine Learning is Changing the Future of Investing

Aug 27, 2019
Machine learning is a powerful concept with real-world implications for a wide range of industries, including finance. Machine learning-driven algorithms […]

Get to Know ‘Active Management’ a Little Better

Aug 27, 2019
Many investors don’t understand what “active management” really means. Active management involves avoiding a “buy-and-hold” strategy in favor of dynamic […]

401k Maxed Out? Consider Adding an IUL Fund to Your Retirement Portfolio

Aug 26, 2019
Although the most popular method, 401k(s) aren’t the only tax-sensible way to invest in your future. Index Universal Life (IUL) […]
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