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Get to Know ‘Active Management’ a Little Better

  • Many investors don’t understand what “active management” really means.
  • Active management involves avoiding a “buy-and-hold” strategy in favor of dynamic adjustment.
  • Effective active management requires strategy, discipline and a critical view of investing.

Many investors we meet erroneously believe that active portfolio management describes a process wherein a fund manager makes buying and selling decisions aimed at capitalizing on periods of market growth and beating market gain averages.

True active management refers to a highly dynamic, complex approach to investing that seeks to secure gains in any market, bear or bull. Dynamic diversification occurs in response to shifts within a market environment and is generally driven by algorithms and mathematical models that factor risk, historical precedent and other weights across industries, asset classes and regional markets.

Active management makes sense for multiple reasons.

First, buy-and-hold assets (or “passive” management) typically appear strong in bull markets, but can lose value in bear markets, making long-term viability and profitability hard to ascertain when it’s time to build a strategy and buy in.

Second, passive management does little in real-time to mitigate risk and respond to tectonic shifts within a market; active management, conversely, can adapt and adjust as needed. This is especially important for investors nearing retirement, who are most sensitive to large gains or losses close to withdrawal time.

Third, active management, by its nature, can mitigate the effect of “emotional investing” by leaving most decisions to the algorithmic strategy aligned to an investor’s goals. Bull and bear markets – or on their extreme end, booms and recessions – may influence investors to make hasty decisions with long-term consequences. A model-based approach to investing recognizes that a series of small, calculated gains and losses is more dynamic – and potentially effective – than “buy-and-hold” acquisitions.

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